Using Adhesive Carpet Squares In Your Home

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Choosing to remodel your home can be challenging and a lot of hard work. There are many options to make it easier for you, though. One option is adhesive carpet squares. Unlike carpeting an entire room with a roll of carpet, you can easily and quickly install adhesive squares. They come in many colors and carpet lengths, and they can be applied to vinyl, wood, or concrete with just some adhesive, a utility knife, and a yard stick.

To install these adhesive carpet squares, you first need to remove everything from the room you are going to be putting them in. You will then have to get rid of any dust and dirt that is on your flooring. Most squares come with instruction on the best way to glue them down by using a spray, tub of glue, or double sided tape. Some of them even have adhesive backings that peel off for easier installation. After the glue is applied or the backing is peeled off, the adhesive squares need to be installed immediately because the glue dries quickly.

Because these carpet tiles can be installed by one person, the cost is a lot less than a roll of carpet that requires professionals to install it. The price usually ranges from $2 to $4 dollars per square foot. Many retailers will reduce the price of each square foot if a certain amount of carpeting is purchased. The price will also depend on the kind of carpet purchased and the size of the squares.

Removing the tiles is easy as well, but getting rid of the glue that is left over on your wood, vinyl, or concrete may be a bit trickier than you would think. There are many special adhesives that can be used for these adhesive carpet squares that come up easily from the floors. If one of these adhesives is not used to adhere the carpet to the flooring, other methods of removal may be used. Dry ice is a great way of getting the glue off the floor and it dissolves completely so there is no messy clean up. Boiling water will loosen dried glue as well, making it easier to scrape the adhesive off the floor. There are chemical removers that work to remove any glue left behind by the carpet tiles, but you must be careful when using them. Be sure to always have air circulating in the room and try to keep the chemicals contained in one area. There is always a chance that they will seep into the cracks in the floor leaving the chemicals in your house forever, so it is recommended that you use safer approaches first.

When you install adhesive carpet squares (sometimes called self stick carpet tiles), you get a professional look for less. You do not have to wait around all day and invite a total stranger in your home to put it in, and when accidents or spills happen, you can replace one or two squares instead of tearing up the entire carpet. They are an easy solution to installing carpet in your home.

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