Use Self Stick Carpet Tiles As A Great Alternative In Affordable Flooring

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Are you considering installing new flooring in one or more rooms in your home?  Do you want new carpeting but have certain budget guidelines that you must maintain? If this is your dilemma, then there is a simple solution to your problem in the form of self-stick carpet tiles. Sometimes called peel and stick carpet tiles, this type of carpeting is reasonably low-cost to buy and easy to install; leaving you with a professionally installed look and finish to your lovely new floors.

The really nice thing about these tiles (other than the cost and the so-easy-to-install-a-child-could-do-it, handling) is that they come in virtually the same colors, patterns, textures and materials of regular carpeting and have the look and feel of one large piece after they have been installed.  Most brands will stand up to heavy traffic, spills, kids and pets just like the better grade of carpeting. However, there are advantages to having tiles, as opposed to a full room of carpet. The advantage would be in terms of stained or damaged areas of your carpeting that would be beyond repair. In that event, one tile or a few can be replaced without any noticeable change, as opposed to replacing all of the carpet in that room. A better and less expensive alternative would be hard to find in comparison to other types of flooring.

Many of the carpet tiles on the market today are made of recycled material and are recyclable after use. Therefore, when you are ready to uninstall for a change; disposal is as easy as removing, stacking and throwing in the dumpster. This method is certainly preferable to struggling with a big roll of dirty carpet and pad that takes you and three linebackers to haul to the garbage.

Self stick carpet tiles can be used anywhere in the home or office.  They are a popular choice however, for places that get a lot of traffic, like the kitchen or a basement recreation room. There are even heavy-duty tiles made specifically for areas of your garage floor or cement workshop areas. There is virtually not a floor space in or around your home or office that would not look beautiful covered with this stain, mold and fade resistant floor covering. Considering the fact that most brands are generally moister and mildew resistant as well, they are an excellent choice for the bathroom or kitchen floor and lend a modern and stylish look and feel to the room in the process.

Remodeling can be frustrating, physically and mentally challenging and just an all-around very big chore! It can also be a very costly under-taking if you want to do major repairs like carpentry or floor replacement. Fortunately, you have self stick carpet tiles to help you over the financial hump with floor replacement.  It is very unfortunate however, that self-stick framing materials, walls and doors have not been invented yet. If so, then you could throw out the high cost of skilled labor with the dirty roll of carpet that you just tossed!

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