Top 5 Tips on Carpet Maintenance

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There is a lot of negative propaganda that is spread around carpets by vested interests. Maintenance of carpets is often made out to be a herculean task that will eat up a lot of your valuable time. You need not worry if you are considering buying carpet tile squares, residential or commercial carpet square, invest in a large carpet roll or any other form of carpets. Carpet maintenance is a hassle-free process provided you know how to go about it.

Let us explore the following tips on how to maintain carpets:

  • As the old adage goes ‘prevention is better than cure’, you must start trapping dirt from all possible entry points to your home. Soil removal mats should find their way at every entry point outside of your property.
  • Entrances, backyard and sidewalks must be kept clean to minimize outside dirt to enter your premises.
  • Mats that you use internally must be high quality and preferably water absorbing. These should be placed strategically around areas of your home that can contribute towards dirt or moisture.
  • Regular vacuuming is an uncompromising aspect of carpet care. Invest in a good quality powerful vacuum cleaner will allow you to maintain your carpets on your own without requiring any professional help for the same. Different choices of vacuum cleaners need to be made depending upon the traffic area of your property. For instance, a back pack vacuum can help remove stubborn soil instead of a beater brush vacuum.
  • Accidental spills cannot be prevented and must be addressed deftly. Be swift in taking action against before these marks turn to stubborn stain marks. Spills must be cleansed with water first and should never be subjected to scrubbing. There are many spill and spot removing agents that you can purchase to remove stain marks.

Carpet care is not at a cumbersome process. Follow the aforementioned guidelines and instructions on the manufacturer supplied carpet care guide to retain the pristine finish of your carpets for a long duration.

Here’s a great video with some simple steps on maintaining your carpet and proper vacuuming techniques.

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