Looking at Rubber Back Carpet Squares

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Rubber back carpet squares offer a series of very unique styles and options when it comes to designing your ideal room.  These are also often referred to as rubber backed carpet squares, and they can be found in individual squares that need to be fitted together to create a fully carpeted room, and there are even entire room sized carpets that come with the rubber back.  One of the major advantages to this type of design is that the carpet is much easier to install and so a capable do-it-yourselfer will have a much easier time of putting down the carpet in making all the edges fit and making it look nice.

There were also several good reasons why carpet squares will be sold in this form as opposed to an entire carpet. One area where rubber backed carpet squares excel is at customization. Using rubber backed carpet squares make it easier to put a design into a carpet. One classic example would be a church having a cross made out of rubber backed carpet squares up by the altar.  This could be in the form of a white cross against darker carpeting, or to emphasize the sacrifice a red cross against white carpeting.  The point is that those options exist because the rubber back carpet squares are easy to effectively install and can be removed at a later date – all without using glue.

Another popular use of rubber backed carpet squares is to show support for a college or cause. Many of these individual carpet squares can be customized and there are entire companies who specialize specifically in creating these carpet squares for NCAA teams or professional football teams. This is a neat way to show support would design that man cave exactly the way you want it. For the artistic types who are also new parents, you can find many rubber backed carpet squares with stars, moons, planets, cute animals, or other designs that young children are sure to love.

rubber back carpet squaresFor those people were worried that this particular type of carpet might be all style and no substance, the truth is that rubber backed carpet squares often have a life span of over double what you get from regular carpet.  This extra durability does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort, it simply means that the manufacturers of rubber backed carpet squares built their product so it was made to last.

At the end of the day there are several things that rubber backed carpet squares have going for them that help guarantee their popularity.  They tend to last longer than regular carpet, they are easier to install, easier to clean and maintain, and when one square gets damaged or ruined you can simply replace that one square set of having to replace an entire carpet. That last one alone is a major reason why this type of flooring is becoming so much more popular.

If you never tried rubber back carpet squares but you are looking to fix up a new room, now might be the perfect time to take a look at this product.

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