Reasons to Buy Modular Commercial Carpet Tiles or Squares

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Businesses are looking for ways to curb spending while maintaining a high quality appearance to the public. Commercial carpet squares or tiles (also available in rectangles) called modular carpeting are an economical answer to covering a room with a high traffic path that can be expected to wear out even the most durable carpet available.  The savings over complete carpet replacement, by only the damaged tiles, can be considerable.

Quality carpeting reduces liability from falls and provides a safer, warmer, quieter environment to employees of any size business. Cleaning and restoration is easier with tiles.

Commercial carpet is usually purchased wholesale, often directly from the manufacturer. It is important to have the specialized knowledge needed to obtain the correct product for your project. Buyers look for competitive pricing as well as long warranties. Synthetic fibers are most durable and cost effective. Prices vary according to the durability of the product, the construction materials and processes, the face weight, twist, density of the product, and the size of the order. Special carpet tile to accommodate studded shoes, to afford high sound proofing ability, or to provide florescence for nightclubs or bowling alleys, are expected to be more costly.

Overall design concerns for commercial applications of modular carpet tile are addressed in installation as well as in the tile design. Textures and printed patterns affect durability as well as appearance.  Monolithic installation places each tile in a line and provides a seamless look. Parquet installation places tiles at a 90-degree angle to each other, providing a basket-weave appearance. A checkerboard or quilted look called non-directional installation is often effective in minimizing the appearance of soil. There are thousands of styles and colors to suit your business flooring needs and in a quality and style that will make your business look even better.

Manufacturers are moving toward providing environmentally safe products, reducing the use of oil in constructing carpet. They implement means to reduce waste and eliminate toxins, creating a greener, ecologically self-perpetuating world. Some carpet tiles do not need glue, nails or padding. They use a non-toxic adhesive that is able to attach the tiles to each other and not to the floor, protecting the floor underneath. A tile with back attached padding that provides traction to hold the tile in place is called free-lay carpet. The use of recycled materials is growing by leaps and bounds. Their factories create less gaseous emissions and continue to reduce energy use in producing their product. They provide recycling of tiles to reduce landfill. Modular commercial carpeting manufacturers are companies that care about the environment.

Find the features you need in commercial modular carpeting online or from a reputable service agent to take the guesswork out of procuring new commercial carpet squares. Many name brand manufacturers sell stylish, high quality, commercial tiles, traction carpet tiles, or what they may call modular carpet squares. Often you can find the selection you want, the installation, the maintenance, the performance, the customer service, and the eventual recycling of materials all at the same place. Buy with confidence that your investment will be an economical asset to your business flooring project.

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