Interlocking Carpet Squares Instead of Rolled Carpet

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Interlocking carpet squares are a revolutionary idea that will change the way that carpets are installed forever. Instead of having to roll out a large carpet, you simply put down one piece at a time and slot them together like puzzle pieces. They work together like tiles on a tile floor but the result looks like an average carpet, they are truly a revolutionary product that will make carpet installation much easier.

The cost of this new style of carpet is slightly more expensive than the roll out kind. However, if you know where to buy it the costs are not that far apart. Interlocking carpet can be purchased at more specific amounts than the roll on carpet, which makes it easier to not buy too much carpeting. This aspect helps to save the money that would have been lost by switching to this style of carpet.

You can also mix and match different colors of carpet to make a tile pattern if that is something that you want to do. This would be very difficult to achieve with standard carpeting. All of these reasons make the slightly more costly interlocking carpeting worth it.

The best place to find this kind of carpet is online. On the internet, you will get a much greater selection to choose from and even with the shipping you will probably pay less than you would from a brick and mortar store. has many different styles to choose from and that are at affordable prices. If Amazon does not have what you are looking for, you would do well to check out more carpet specific stores. Specialty stores tend to have a much better selection than all purpose stores do. If you have to get the tiles in person, a flooring store would be your best bet. You may even be able to find interlocking carpet tiles at Lowes or Home Depot or other similar type home stores. Wherever you get it, it is important to make sure you research different prices to get the best deal.

The installation process is what makes this carpet so desirable. Instead of having to roll the carpet out and trying to get it to sit flat and unwrinkled you simply slot the pieces together. Some of the pieces are self-adhesive like vinyl flooring but there are others that are made to just float on the floor like laminate flooring. Putting the pieces together like a puzzle is much easier than rolling the floor out and trying to make one large piece fit nicely. The smaller pieces will cut down on the number of cuts that will have to be made and will cut down on wasted material. Carpeting closets will be easier than ever before. This is a great type of flooring for flooring companies to offer because of its’ ease of installation.

Interlocking carpet squares have many benefits that normal carpeting does not. One of the best benefits is the ability to switch out other tiles if anything happens to the carpet. It is a good idea to buy more squares than are really needed for back up. If anything is spilled on the carpet that you cannot remove, you just pop off the section of carpet and slot in a new one.

Interlocking carpet squares will revolutionize the way carpets are installed from now on. They are a very good idea and would be a great substitute for a normal roll out carpet in your next flooring project. Check out carpet squares lowes or other home stores in your area and/or online for the best deals.

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