Installation Tips for Carpet Tiles Squares

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Carpet tile squares are an excellent choice of floor covering for many different settings.  Whether the area will be frequently occupied by kids or pets—resulting in a risk of stains—or is a high traffic area that will more than likely result in the need to replace the carpeting more often than normal, carpet tiles squares may be the best answer.  They are cost effective and can be easily installed.

Carpet tile squares can range in price from just over a dollar per foot upwards.  Periodically, carpet manufacturers will clear out existing inventories or odd lots which can result in a huge savings – sometimes bringing the price down to as low as 79 cents per square foot.  Occasionally, installation is included in the price, unless it is an extremely discounted price.  But even if it is not included, installation can be quick and easy.

To determine how many squares are needed, simply calculate the size of the area to be covered and convert it into square feet.  Carpet manufacturers that sell carpet tile squares directly to the public over the Internet will often have a room size calculator on their website, making the process much simpler.  Once the square footage is determined and you’ve ordered your carpet, you’ll need to visit your local home improvement store to buy a chalk line, some double-sided tape, a utility knife and a straight edge.

Once the squares arrive, allow them to sit in the room for 24-48 hours at room temperature to acclimatize to the surroundings.  In the meantime make sure the area to be covered is flat and clean by sweeping or vacuuming away any debris, especially debris caught in corners.  Next, locate the center of the area and mark a vertical and horizontal line with the chalk line.  It’s important to have perfectly straight lines with exact “right angles” at the center because this is the spot where you will begin laying the carpet tile squares.

Lay the double-sided tape along the horizontal and vertical crossed lines that meet in the center of the room and then lay tape around the perimeter of the space.   From each corner, lay tape so that it crisscrosses in the center – like a large set of spokes on a “square wheel.”  You can add more tape in a similar fashion, all crisscrossing at the middle of the room.  This is where you’ll begin laying the squares, using the original horizontal and vertical tape lines both as a guide and an adhesive for the carpet to adhere to the floor.

Continue the row of squares until you’ve reached the wall, repeating the rows until you finish.  Complete one quadrant at a time before moving to the next area.  When you’re approaching the wall, flip the last square in the row over, measure the size needed to reach the wall and cut it using the utility knife and straight edge.  Then fit the tile snuggly against the wall.  Repeat the process until the whole area is covered.

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  1. I have definitely seen more and more people taking advantage of the simplicity of carpet tiles. They are easy to install and provide a great looking finished product for a fraction of the price!