Facts About Garage Carpet Tiles

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Garage carpet tiles are ideal for sprucing up the looks of your garage or basement. People no longer want a drab garage, and every effort is made to convert this space into something that you would find in an automobile showroom. Apart from being decorative, garage carpet squares also offer many other advantages.

When you think of a garage space, the flooring requirements are unique compared to other areas in the house. First of all the flooring should be able to withstand the tremendous pressure generated by the weight of your heavy vehicle, and be tough enough to withstand the wear of regular traffic. Secondly, cleaning and maintenance are other major concerns, as there will be regular spills of grease and oil in this area, and the tires of your vehicle will be dragging in a lot of dirt. Garage carpet tiles are made of very tough materials, which can withstand heavy traffic over a long period without much wear. The material is also easily washable, and grease or oil stains can be removed with just soap and water.

The next important aspect to consider for any carpet is installation. Garage carpet tiles come in convenient size of 18 inch square, and just need to be stuck on the floor area. They have a covering of self-stick adhesive at the back, with a protective sheet. During installation, you only need to peel this sheet to expose the adhesive layer, and then just stick the garage carpet square on your floor. This is the easiest procedure, and you can finish installation within a couple of hours, depending on the area of your garage.

The tiled pattern and simple installation procedure, also makes it very easy to remove certain squares which have been damaged, and replace them with new ones. In this aspect, garage carpet tiles are quite cost effective, as you only need to buy a few squares to replace the damaged area. In comparison, continuous roll carpets would have to be removed fully if any portion was damaged. Carpeting for your garage can also make it more of a fun place to hang out.

As for colors, designs and styles, you will find an astounding array of variety, and you can easily get the look, you desire for your garage. You also have the option of combining various colors and patterns. You will be installing the carpet in a tiled pattern, and therefore you can alternate the color or style of the garage carpet squares, to form the pattern you desire. Certain manufacturers also provide you with the option of customizing your colors and patterns, so that you can get the exact look you desire for your garage.

Garage carpet tiles are also available in different textures that prevent slippage. You could opt for a ribbed texture, or ones having coin shaped patterns on their surface. Garage carpet squares are available in many automotive stores, or they can be ordered online. As they are tiles, they can be stacked flat, and can be easily packed in a box of twenty-five, for convenient shipping. So, check out the elegant patterns available in garage carpet tiles, and give a dramatic face-lift to your garage.

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