Benefits of Interlocking Carpet Tiles

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Interlocking carpet tiles are a convenient way of adding elegance or color to a room. The design of the product combines the benefits of both a traditional rug and floor tiles. These come in a variety of types, colors and depths, giving consumers several options. In comparison with rugs, carpet tiles are smaller and square shaped, allowing for easy transport, installation and removal. Pieces are manufactured in bulk, allowing consumers to replace worn out pieces easily with those from the factory.

Carpet tiles have several wonderful benefits for consumers. The material used in making them is different from that of a traditional rug. These are constructed out of nylon fibers or rubber and are commonly thicker, making them more durable. The padding behind each piece is thicker than that of traditional rugs, removing the need to set up additional padding to protect the floor material. However, consumers should keep in mind that this type of flooring is not intended for use in industrial settings or in areas where a lot of heavy equipment is present. The pieces may be durable but not resilient to supporting heavy weights for long periods of time. In such cases, it is better to consider other options.

Tiles come in regular squares or resembling puzzle pieces, each measuring 18 x 18 inches. This makes it easier to buy and transport an interlocking carpet tile rather than carrying large rolls of carpet. The standard size also makes it easier to estimate the number of pieces needed to fill up a space. With interlocking carpet tiles, worn out pieces can be replaced easily without having to replace the entire area.

Preparation is minimal, if any, saving consumers and installers time, effort and energy. Simply sweep the area before installing the flooring. Even with puzzle type tiles, the edges are exactly alike, allowing consumers or carpet installers to connect pieces without any fuss. A sticky substance can be found at the back of each piece, making it simpler to secure each piece to the floor surface. Any extras can then be cut off using a sharp utility knife. Maintenance of this type of flooring material is also easy. Simply take out the tiles that need cleaning and stick them back on. Purchasing extra tiles is recommended to replace dirty or damaged pieces.

Although the designs are simple, consumers can still get creative when it comes to these types of flooring. Filling the space with a single design or style is great for bedrooms, offices, conference rooms and similar spaces. Mix and match different color pieces for a more fun and vibrant look, a great way to decorate a kid’s bedroom or playroom.

Puzzle shaped carpeting is only known for indoor use. Over the years, an increasing number of companies are developing and marketing carpeting for outdoor use. This increases the versatility of this type of flooring material. Combined with the variety of colors and styles available, the ease of installation as well as maintenance, interlocking carpet tiles are worth looking into when considering carpeting for the home or office.

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